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1.               Play will begin April 28th with handicaps carried over from 2020 season. We will draw for 3 weeks of scores from previous year. Players without handicaps will play at 75% till handicap is established.

          2.      Handicaps will be computed at 75% of the difference between that player’s average and the course par. Maximum handicap will be 16.

3.               START TIMES: Play shall commence between 3:30 to 5:30 P.M. except in the event of a weather delay. Failure to show by this time will constitute forfeiture.

4.               ALTERNATIVE PLAY DAY.  Any team knowing that they cannot show for scheduled Wednesday play may seek permission from the other team to play a different day and time; this being done by the following Monday. The alternate days must be agreed upon prior to the 3:30 start time of the original scheduled.

NO SHOWS – Any team failing to show forfeits 6 points. If one player cannot show it is his teams responsibility to acquire a sub, if no sub is found this team forfeits 4 points, only being able to win 2 points by the team member that is present.

5.             RAINOUTS. Players should not assume a rainout without contacting the golf course (247-3307), for forfeiture could occur. If the golf course should blow the horn during play the course will determine if league will continue or be a rainout. If Heather or someone from course can not be reached Rules Committee will make decision to cancel. This will be done within the hour.

6.                NEW RULE Hole #17 rule - 2 balls in the pond move around to drop zone.

                   (NO MORE STOKE LIMIT ON THIS HOLE)  Keep playing until ball is in hole!

 7.               Prizes – We will no longer have a Tournament or Position Night,. We will implement the per point scoring system. Each player will receive $.25 per point or more if $$ is available for his team’s points at the end of the year. Then 1st place team members’ names will be added to the course plaque at leagues expense.

 8.               SCORING IS AS FOLLOWS: A. low handicap player of the team will play each other. The winner scores 2 points, if they tie, each will score 1 point. B. High handicap players play each other. Winners score 2 points, ties get 1 point each. C.  Each team with the lowest net score will get 2 points. Ties get 1 point for each team. Possible points for each week are 0-6 points.

 9.               All completed score cards must be signed by one player from each team and make sure they are turned in no later than the next Monday before the next scheduled league play. This rule will be enforced. Violation of this rule may constitute forfeiture of any points earned that week.

 10.            A rule question may be presented to the Rules Committee to be ruled upon no later than the next scheduled league play. In such a case, a provisional ball may be used for the remainder of the hole. All rules will be complying as close to U.S.G.A. rules as possible, except when other Colonial rules apply.

11.        There will be two closest-to-pins and two longest putt holes each night. They will pay $15.00 each. No payment will be made until May 12th, after all dues are paid.

 12.            Payment of league dues [$75.00] must be paid to treasurer no later than May 12th pror to league play. Failure to pay will result in forfeiture of the delinquent player(s) points (2) and his team points (2) from May 6th until payment is made.

13.            When a team forfeits three (3) consecutive nights they will be automatically dropped from the schedule. Thereafter, all teams that are scheduled to play that team will get a bye (0 points). All teams that have already played this team will also get a bye (0 points). If a replacement team can be found and ready to play within 2 weeks all points will be carried forward. Any team scheduled to play said team during the off week will receive 6 points. (A Forfeit)

14.            Subs that play 8 times or more will get a paid invitation to the banquet. Subs playing less than 8 times will be invited to the banquet at their own expense. A sub playing for a paid member on banquet night will be free.

15.            There will be a subs list posted for team’s convenience. If a sub has an established handicap in another Colonial league they may use it. If they have more than one handicap in other leagues they must use the LOWEST handicap.

16.            In the event of a forfeit, the team showing will have the option of playing, but his score will not affect his handicap.

 17.            The league will be limited to 24 teams. Each team will be scheduled for 23 matches. We now have a wait list to join this league. If anyone is interested in joining they MUST contact Heather @ the Colonial to be added to the waitlist.  

 18.            League secretary, statistician, and treasurer position will be combined into 1 position and will be paid $200.00 by league. This will be Heather Day, She will pay the skins person.

19.            Skins game will be taken care of by the course, at the counter.  If there is a rainout the skins game will rollover to the next time you are on that same nine holes as the rainout. (EX. Rainout on front nine rollover will be 2 weeks later on the front nine again.) If you are not in the skins game during the rainout week you WILL be allowed to put in during the rollover but you will have to pay double ($4.00). It will be the responsibility of that player to pay PRIOR to the start of league play. NO EXCEPTIONS. Cost of skins will $2.00 per man per night. Skins will be on a hole-by-hole basis. A hole in one does not receive the pot. Any questions should be referred to the League Rules Committee. Pay for your skins at the counter. Team partners CAN NOT cancel each other out.

 20.            SENIOR TEES – Members may hit from the senior tees if they will be turning 65 years of age that calendar year. Once a member starts hitting from the senior tees they must continue to hit from those tees the remainder of the season. If you start on blue tees. You must finish the year on blue tees.  Seniors do not have to play from the Senior tees.

Seniors must hit from the BLUE TEES on the closest to the pin holes, (Par 3’s). They may hit from Senior tees on all other holes.

21.            There will no longer be a position night

 22.            Any officers or committee members will be required to pay their own dues.

 23.            We will have a league paid banquet on Weds, Sept 18th. @ 6pm. The league will provide 1 drink per man if funds permit and there will be no spouses. The food chosen for the banquet will be decided by the amount of funds left at the end of year.

  24.        If you feel the need to jump to a different hole to start. You MUST make sure there is 1 ½ EMPTY HOLES in front of the team you are jumping in front of.  (Example if a team is on 12 tee box go to 14 tee box… If a team is on 12 green you need to go 15 tee box. Do not jump on to the next hole. Its not fair to the groups that have already been here playing to be slowed down by your group.

25.        Colonial golf course will follow all New USGA rules except the OB rule. We will continue to play the original OB rule!



Randy Thornton

Sec, Tres, Stat.

Heather Day

Rules Committee   

Jim Jennings

Gary Quick




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