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1.       League play will begin April 22.  Play will commence at 8:30 a.m. unless there is a weather delay.  Failure to show by this time will constitute a forfeiture.

2.       Any team failing to show up for League play will automatically forfeit six (6) points.  If an individual cannot show, it will be his team’s PARTNER’S REPONSIBILITY TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR A SUBSTITUTE.  A substitute will play the same position for the individual for whom he subs.  If a sub cannot be obtained and one player from the team is present, play shall commence with automatic forfeiture of the absent player’s points and his team’s points.  THE PLAYER PRESENT MAY WIN ONLY HIS INDIVIDUAL POINTS.   If a team knows in advance that they cannot show up but could play at a different time, they may seek permission from their opponents to play at a different time PRIOR to the league’s Thursday game.  TWO (2) subs may not constitute a team during league play.  Any team or team player who has played their match prior to Thursday league may shoot for closest to pin on regular league day.

3.       Players should not assume a RAIN-OUT WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING THE GOLF COURSE

(247-3307).  A FORFEITURE COULD OCCUR IF A TEAM FAILS TO SHOW UP AND THE LEAGUE IS PLAYED.  Rainouts will be determined by league president in cooperation with the management of the golf course.

4.       SCORING:  LOW HANDICAP PLAYER OF THE TEAMS WILL PLAY EACH OTHER.  THE WINNER SCORES TWO (2) POINTS. IF THEY TIE, EACH SHALL SCORE ONE (1) POINT.  HIGH HANDICAP PLAYER OF THE TEAMS WILL PLAY EACH OTHER.  WINNER SCORES TWO (2) POINTS.  TIE…ONE (1) POINT.  Each team with the lowest NET SCORE will get two (2) points, ties get one (1) point each.  Each team will score between 0 and 6 points per week.

5.       SCORE CARDS…MUST BE COMPLETED, SIGNED in the attest section of the card by one member of each team and place in the box provided.

a.       Each team will figure their own scores each week.

b.       Each team will figure their points each week.

c.       Each team is responsible for checking their scores and point totals on the bulletin board every week.

d.       Please write down any mistakes in scores or points as posted on bulletin board and give them to the league secretary.

e.       Mistakes will be checked and the computer updated.

6.       HANDICAP:  All players must understand that the allowance of a handicap is a method of equalizing the total performance of all players.  Handicaps shall be computed at 75% of the difference between a player’s average score and the course par.  A player from another league can substitute using his handicap provided he plays from the white tees in his league.  After playing three (3) times in our league he would have established a handicap for use in senior league.

SUBSTITUES who have not established a handicap will be required to play three (3) times before their handicaps are established.  Otherwise their handicap shall be computed at 75% of their score.  Handicaps for regular players will be carried over from last year.  SIXTEEN (16) strokes will be the maximum allowable handicap.  Position of Permanent Substitute was created for members having an extended absence.  Notification of this will be approved by the President or Vice President.  This person would have all the rights of the party for whom he is subbing.  (EXAMPLE:  Two (2) substitutes could play together).


There will be a ten (10) stroke limit on hole #17…all other holes count total strokes.  A drop area will be established near the pump house for players who have hit two (2) shots in the water.

7.       FORFEITS:  When BOTH players of the same team forfeit three (3) consecutive league games, they will be automatically DROPPED.  Thereafter, all teams that are scheduled to play the dropped team will be a BYE OF 6 POINTS.  In the event of a forfeit, the team showing will have the option of playing, but their score WILL NOT affect a change or their handicap.

8.       WEEKLY CONTESTS…Closet to the pin on par 3 holes, longest putt and low net team handicap contests will be held each week.  $10.00 will be awarded to each winner.

9.       The FIRST team to play will be responsible for putting out the flag for the closest to the hole contest.  Placement will be on holes 3 and 5 on the front nine and holes 12 and 18 on the back nine.

10.   AWARD MONEY will be divided among all players and those with the highest number of points will receive the greater share in accordance with the amount to be distributed.  The more you play the more points you can earn, thus, the more money you will receive at the end of the season.


12.   WINTER RULES APPLY ALL SUMMER.  BUMPING THE BALL IS PERMITTED ONE (1) CLUB LENGTH (LEFT, RIGHT OR BACKWARDS) NO CLOSER TO THE HOLE.  This is to enable you to find grass and to avoid fairway water where present.  You may NOT MOVE SIDEWAYS TO AVOID A TREE.  Players are permitted to bump the ball on the berms.  You cannot “build a tee” to hit from.  Using a “built” tee from the fairway is a 1 stroke penalty.  You will be allowed a free lift and drop from all new trees that have been planted on the golf course.  Make sure your swing clears the tree.  As of 2017 we do have some new trees.

13.   PUTTING:  A player may have a GIMME when any part of the ball touches the red tape on the flag stick (Put tip of flag stick at the nearest edge of the hole).

14.   PENALTY:  Any player who in a fit of temper or anger, throws a club will be penalized 5 stokes for that action.  This penalty does not affect his handicap.  A two (2) stroke penalty will be charged for playing the wrong ball.

15.   NEW MEMBERS:  Prior to the start of league play, all openings for team membership will be filled by a committee made up of league officers.

16.   MEMBERS AND SUBSTITUTES:  must be 55 and over to eligible to participate in the Senior League.

17.   ALL players under 75 will tee off the SENIOR TEES.  Senior (white) tees will be used in league play.  Players who are 75 years or will turn 75 during league play (April 22-Sept 2) may hit from the red tees.  Players 85 years or will turn 85 during league play (April 22-Sept 2) may hit from the gold tees.  If a player accidently tees off from the white tee marker but was eligible to use the red, he may do so without penalty, but he must use the original tee shot.          

18.   TOURNAMENT:  A tournament for all teams will be held at the end of league play.

19.   BANQUET:  A banquet for all players and substitutes will be held the day of the league tournament after which time award money will be distributed and officers will be elected for the following year (s).

20.   LEAGUE OFFICERS:                                 RULES COMMITTEE:             SCORE CARD PREPARER:

PRESIDENT:    MIKE STACHOWSKI            AL COERS-Chair                      HEATHER DAY             

VICE PRES:                                                     RICK SMITH                           WEEKLY CONTEST PREPARER:

SECRETARY:  HEATHER DAY                 DAN HOEINGHAUS                      RON SPRANDEL



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