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Items in Bold are New for 2019

1.     Mixed (1 man & 1 women)

2.     Schedule - We will play everyone 1 time.

3.     Start Date –  April 11th

4.     Tee time – your team will list the time you are available to tee off. It must be between 3:30-5:15

5.     It will be a scramble each week.

6.     It will be handicapped.  The first 2 weeks will be 75% until a mixed hcp is established.  From then it will be a running total of the year.  The start of next year your hcp will be taken from the first 2 weeks of previous year. Max HCP is 16

7.     Entry fee $35 per person.   (Weekly Points, Play days, & banquet will be paid with entry fees)

8.     Weekly league dues for non-members $8.50 green fees $5.00 Cart =$13.50

9.     There will 3 play days each week. $10 each –  Putt, Pin & Low Net

10.   Each point at the end of season is worth $.50.


Men -Blue tees

Senior’s (65-79) - White tees

 Women & Senior’s (80+) - Red tees

 Women (65+) - Gold Tees

12.   Skins Game (optional) $5 per team weekly – Skins will be taken care of at the counter.

13.   50/50 each week. Winner gets half, other half goes towards banquet.

14.  Colonial will be in charge of keeping scores, points, schedules & will set up banquet with the help of anyone who wants to volunteer.

15.There will be a fun night on the night of the banquet. This will be optional and additional money will be thrown in the pot to pay winners.

16.  Subs are allowed , your HCP will be 75%   

17.    If a team forfeits the other team does not have to play to get their 5 points. The team may come out and play if they wish. They will be eligible for 2 of the “play of days” but not the skins game or low net.

18.  If we happen to have BYE weeks. No Points will be awarded for Byes.

19.   If you can’t play on Thursday you have the week before & up to the Tuesday after to make up the match. I will need the scores by Wednesday morning to get scorecards ready.

20. If there is a rollover on skins game, we will double up the following week. If you were not in the first week due to a forfeit or bye, you will be able to pay double to get in the skins game.

21. If there is a rollover over on one of the “play of days”, we will just roll it over to the following week and have 3 “play of days” that week.

22.   If you have a question about a rule, you may contact the clubhouse for the ruling or play a provisional ball and keep 2 scores for that hole until you can get inside to the rules committee to determine the correct action.

23. Rules committee – Shea Hodge, Randy Thornton, Glenda Kretzer

24.  Rule hole #17 ---2 shots (4 balls two per player) in the BIG pond and you can take a stroke and carry around to the Drop Zone (labeled Tuesday night league) and proceed from there.  If you need more explanation ask the club house or someone from rules committee.

25.   Rainouts – We will NOT make up rainouts. Rainouts will be determined by the course.

26. We have a waitlist, if interested in joining mixed league please contact the golf course at 247-3307 to be added to the list.

27.  If your team forfeits more than 3 times you will lose your spot in league. We have a waitlist of people that wish to join this league.

28.      New USGA rules are in effect except the new OB rule. Colonial Mixed League will keep with the original OB rule that we have used forever. 



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