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Tuesday Rules

Tuesday Men’s League Rules and By-laws

1.     No match will be played by two substitutes.  One team member must be listed as a regular.  No match may end with only a substitute on a team.  The opposing team wins all 6 points.

2.     If a team forfeits 2 times in a season (without notifying opponents) they will be dropped, and all points earned earlier in the year will be given to the opponents.

3.     The low handicap player will be listed first on the card.  Handicap is 80% of stroke average over par.  There is maximum handicap of 18, and handicaps will be rounded to a whole number.

4.     A thrown club will be a five stroke penalty.

5.     If you have two or more groups behind you on the same hole, with a hole open in front of you, move over and let one group through.  If it happens again, let the group through again.  Slow play hurts the league.

6.     We play blue tees, 60 or over white tees. (you must play either blues or whites all year, no changing back and forth) If you turn 60 anytime during league, you may start the year from the whites. 75 and older use the red tees, same rule as whites for birthdays.

7.     Closest to the pins (first shot) will be on 3 and 12 ($10) / 5 or 18 by flight (Blue or Red)

8.     2 Longest putts per flight (first putt) will be on consecutive holes that changes each week ($10)    Team 1-12 are in Blue flight and will play the staubs with Blue markers, team 13-24 Red Flight will play the staubs with red markers

9.     A ball hit from the tee is believed to be in a hazard or out of bounds it can be replayed from the tee.  If the original is found to be playable, no penalty if the original is played.  If you hit a ball that is closer to the green than your original ball, you must finish the hole with that ball.  No changing balls on the green, or fairway, unless it is damaged.  (new rule is you can take distance with 2 stroke penalty)

10. All matches must start by 5:15, unless prior agreement has been made between the two teams.  If a team has not shown up or contacted you by 5:15, they forfeit.  If they do not show up by 5:30 they forfeit, unless both teams agree to begin later. 

11. If teams play on a day other than Tuesday, it must be agreed by both teams and they understand they do not qualify for any closest, longest, skins, or low net money.  The match must be played and turned in by Sunday prior to the next Tuesday.

12. You must record the score you have on a hole.  There are no pickups.  If you pickup, you forfeit your points and team points.  Your partner may only win 2 points.  For handicap purposes, only double par will be used to figure your next handicap. (this is done by the secretary, do not alter any score on your card)

13. Low net is a team total score minus handicap.  This will not be changed if you have more than double par.

14. We will play unless the course is closed, or unless the rainout committee calls the day.

15. If the horn sounds for lightning, or storm conditions, all teams must remain at the course for a reasonable time to see if play can resume.  If the majority of the rainout committee votes to end the matches, no points will be awarded to any team, and no closest, longest, or low net will be paid.  If the last group gets rained out, we are all rained out.

16. Rainouts will not be replayed at the end of the season.

17. You should start your match on hole 1 or 10.  If you go to another hole, make sure there are at least 2 open holes between you and the team behind you.  Do not jump one hole ahead.

18. Do not practice on the 9 that league is playing on after 3:30. Use other 9 or wait until 5:20.

19. If you get a forfeit, you may join another match and play the par 3’s for the money. (you must have someone else to verify) You will not qualify for low net.

20. You must have all 4 players at the 1st tee to hold it.  Please let other groups that have 4 through until your 4th arrives. (three cannot hold the tee)

21. You must play the same ball to the end of the hole before changing unless your original ball is lost or damaged.  (no changing to go over the lake or putt) Be sure   you let everyone know on the first tee what ball you are playing to assure two players aren’t playing identical balls.

22. PGA and USGA rules apply, unless covered by a league or course rule.  League rules take precedent, followed by course rules, followed by PGA rules.

23. You may bump the ball anywhere, no closer to the hole.  You may not bump to improve your line, move to shorter grass, come out away from a tree, or out of the hazard.  If you are against a tree or bush, you must hit it there.  Exceptions are noted in course rules. (anything with mulch is a free drop)

24. Scorecards must be viewed and approved by both teams before being turned in.  The card plays itself, in other words, if your total is 45 but the holes add up to 47, you will have a 47 on the sheet.  If you put a total in the 9th hole block, that hole score will be that number.  No card will be changed on a hole score once it is submitted. (As a point of courtesy, as you walk off the green, or at the next tee, tell the scorer what you had clearly and loudly.  Even if you are pissed and don’t want to say it.  Both teams must check the scorecard before it is turned in.  Low net, skins, and handicaps depend on accurate scorekeeping.  If we must hunt the card, you may not get money you earned.

25. Lateral hazards, (right of 11, left of 13) are to be played from two club lengths on the side of the hazard where the ball entered. THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN GOLF AS LINE OF FLIGHT.   On any shot in a hazard you can take the point the ball entered the hazard and draw a line between there and the pin and go back as far as you would like.

26. No money will be paid to anyone who has not paid their dues, and you must pay your dues by April 27. (no longest or closest)

27. The league will consist of 24 teams.

28. If two members of the same team are the only to win a skin on that hole, they share the skin.

29. When the course is cart paths only, anyone having trouble walking may move their ball towards the cart path, no closer to the hole, unless they are obstructed, then they must play the ball as it lies.

30. Any sub will have a handicap of 80% of their strokes over par until they play 1 time in our league.   

31. On hole 17 there will be a drop area on the northwest corner of the lake near the cart path.  After hitting 2 balls in the pond (after hitting across the ditch) anyone can then move to the drop area to hit their next shot.  We have no pick-ups, if you do not finish a hole your team loses at least 4 points. (again, you must get across the ditch before counting two in the pond, if doesn’t count as one in the water if you hit in the pond off the tee!  You must be across the ditch, hit two in the pond, then move to the drop area)

32. Points are earned by each player and the opposing player compare net scores, lowest earns 2 points, low team net also earns 2 points, making six possible.  There can be ties when the points are split.  There are no points awarded on a week you have a bye.

33.  Handicap can be determined by subtracting par (35) from the score you shot, and then take than number times .80 and that is your handicap.

34. If you lose a ball in tall grass or standing water, with agreement of your opponent on placement, you may drop a ball at the approximate spot of the lost ball with no penalty.   (THERE ARE NUMEROUS NEW RULES, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE USGA WEBSITE FOR ALL OF THEM)

35. No OB between 16 & 17 fairways



President and stats – Quinton Marcum

Vice President- Cody Langenfeld          Treasurer-Heather Day

Rainout committee- Ron Kretzer, Russ Jones, Dan Garrett


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